s.Util.getQueryparam function not pulling data from query string parameter



I am in the process of implementing analytics for our website using Adobe Launch. In the custom code editor I am using the custom method to get the query string parameter for s.campaign. However, I see that the code is getting executed but the parameter values is not getting captured. I suspect the URL is stripping off the query string parameters (but it’s is still visible to me on the browser). Am I missing any step or should I be enabling something for this to work? 
please note: the same code when used in the launch property for another website is working just fine and pulling all the query string parameters. 

This code doesn’t work: 

var c = [];

c.push(s.Util.getQueryParam("utm_source"), s.Util.getQueryParam("utm_medium"), s.Util.getQueryParam("utm_campaign"), s.Util.getQueryParam("utm_term"), s.Util.getQueryParam("utm_content"));

s.campaign = c.join(':');

But this one works: 


var url = window.location.href;

var c = [];

c.push(s.Util.getQueryParam("utm_source", url), s.Util.getQueryParam("utm_medium", url), s.Util.getQueryParam("utm_campaign", url), s.Util.getQueryParam("utm_term", url), s.Util.getQueryParam("utm_content", url));

s.campaign = c.join(':'); 

Adobe Launch s.Util.getQueryparam tracking code

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