We have not implement s_vi in our website instead we are using fallback method and using s_fid cookie ,so my question are as follows.

1. Is it necessary to include s_vi cookie or s_fid will do.

2. How we implement s_fid cookie and s_vi

3. does not including s_fid causes  any inflation in our results?

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What version of H code are you using?

s_fid is the fall back solution when s_vi can not be set. The situaion that is most common is due to locking occurring.

s_fid and s_vi, while not exactly interchangeable are still used as the u Kaur identifier for the row of data. So moving forward when you implement s_vi or ECID, etc it will still count the rows as unique rows and data would not have been lost. The new tracker will take the place of s_fid for users where it is currently set.

ECID or s_vi will take precedent over s_fid and no inflation would be seen.

Fallback ID Methods