Rule Builder doesnt work, is there anything to check?



I have trouble with my rule builder setting.
Could you let me know the point to check?

My consultant had set some rule builder in our SiteCatalyst report.
And I copied his setting into others rule builder, checked 'Test Rule Set' and it was successful.

But few days later, other rule builder of variables doesn't work that I never changed.
And now, I tried make new rule builder with another custom variables,
sample key was grouped successfuly on the rule setting window.
But return to rule builder page and click "test rule set" it is always starting test and said "

I think I had do wrong setting, so I want to know points to check.

Best Regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Can you post some screenshot of the rule builder. It's difficult to troubleshoot without see how the rule is setup. If you don't feel comfortable posting a screenshot, you can review the documentation here or contact Customer Care.

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