RSiteCatalyst: Timing out related to "Major Issue in Data Science."?



I've been using RSiteCatalyst for over two years specifically for calculated metrics which can not be pulled via data warehouse.
I'm running into the same problem for the last week. Some runs when they work take 24 hours to run instead of the more typical 3-6 hours

Typically I am creating 10-17 data frames each with between 15-20 calculated metrics, I've paired back to just metric for 1 day-same problem to test it.

Desktop <- QueueOvertime(RS, date.from = start, = today, metrics = c("id Redacted1 ", #Metric Name Redacted 1 "id_Redacted2", #Metric Name Redacted 2 "id_Redacted3", #Metric Name Redacted 3 "id_Redacted4", #Metric Name Redacted 4 "id_Redacted5", #Metric Name Redacted 5 "id_Redacted6", #Metric Name Redacted 6 "id_Redacted7", #Metric Name Redacted 7 "id_Redacted8", #Metric Name Redacted 8 "id_Redacted9", #Metric Name Redacted 9 "id_Redacted10",#Metric Name Redacted 10 "id_Redacted11", #Metric Name Redacted 11 "id_Redacted12",#Metric Name Redacted 12 "id_Redacted13",#Metric Name Redacted 13 "id_Redacted14",#Metric Name Redacted 14 "id_Redacted15 ",#Metric Name Redacted 15 "id_Redacted16",#Metric Name Redacted 16 "id_Redacted17",#Metric Name Redacted 17 "id_Redacted18",#Metric Name Redacted 18 "id_Redacted19",#Metric Name Redacted 19 "id_Redacted20" #Metric Name Redacted 20 ), = ("id redacted" #Desktop ), date.granularity = "day")

Error in ApiRequest(body = toJSON(request.body), = "Report.Get", :
ERROR: max attempts exceeded for

I note Adobe's status page lists Major Issue in Data Science.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Here's all the API responses you'd get from pinging Adobe servers directly:

analytics-1.4-apis/ at master · AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis · GitHub

Unfortunately the 'max requests exceeded' isn't on the list, which leads me to believe it might be a RSiteCatalyst-specific error.

Perhaps if I summonrandyzwitch​ to the thread he can provide input, but he hasn't logged in to the forums in a very long time, so I can't guarantee anything.