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I have read through the threads on this topic, but none of them fix this issue.  I work for a large organization; I cannot change the overall calendar (Sunday through Saturday) for our installation of AA.  One of our users wants a rolling week report, but the weeks are not Sunday through Saturday; the client wants Friday through Thursday.  I am trying to create a scheduled report with 4 weeks of data.  

I have tried. using custom date definitions, such as cd - 29d dthrough cd - 2d and the results (today is Saturday 8/20/16) are as follows:

7/22 - 7/23 (Friday and Saturday)

7/24 - 7/30 (Sunday through Saturday)

7/31 - 8/6 (Sunday through Saturday)

8/7 - 8/13 (Sunday through Saturday)

8/14 - 8/18 (Sunday through Thursday)

I find it inconceivable that there is no way to do this.  I cannot use daily data, because certain metrics don't sum properly.

I would love for someone from Adobe to definitively answer this question.  Can this be done or not, given that I do not have Admin rights for the AA instance?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




So the way I see it, this is working correctly. If your organization calendar is setup for Sun-Sat week, that is what the report is going to give you.


The way that I can see this happening is that you will need to create 4 different requests. Each being aggregate, but the reporting period will be specific to the week range needed. Also you can set this up for scheduling on a particular day of the week, on a weekly basis. Does this help?

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