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I'm trying to build a segment, that includes visitors that has had an instance of an event 1 month prior to the present. I want to use the segment in target for re-targeting among other things. I other words, I want to build a rolling segment.

The best way I've been able to come up with, is setting events for this particular purpose, that have an expiration of 1 month (in this case), but this wouldn't give us the flexibility we require and it would also require re-tagging. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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Martin Vinter

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I'd like to segment the visitors, who has had an instance of the event within 1 month prior to the present time (present time beeing the whenever I use the segment in the time to come)

I talked to ClientCare, and they suggested this segment definition:

Visitors where:

Vist exists

Then within 1 month

Event exits

I've experimented with various setting for the visit/hit/visitor selectors, but with no luck.I test the segment by checking that a large proportion of the instances of event are in the last month. When I test the segment above however, the instances are distributed in acordance with the yearly rhythm on our site.