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I’m trying to implement Adobe Analytics API 2.0 in an Adobe Campaign connector.

Authentication is OK.

Segments / users utilization endpoint is OK.

But when I Try to test metrics or report endpoint, The system returns I don’t have access.

In admin console (I’m administrator), I gave to my user all the rights but the message is still the same.


    "errorCode": "insufficient_access",

    "errorDescription": "User does not have access to this report suite - Error caused by exceptionName=java.lang.IllegalAccessError due to exceptionMessage=User does not have access to this report suite",

    "errorId": "4e5a5954-11e4-4782-bb8b-675924181afb"


When I go to Adobe Analytics administration, I’m not able to see my user. So I can’t see it in an user group and finally, I guess I don’t have access to the report suite.

Do you know if I can do anything to appears in administration ?

Thank you for your help.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



We had the same issue. We found out that the API integration that we were using did not have sufficient permissions. Here's what we did to resolve:

  1. Log in to the Adobe I/O Console (https://console.adobe.io/)
  2. Click "View Integrations"
  3. Find the API Integration you are using and click "View"
  4. Select "Services"
  5. You should have Adobe Analytics in the "Configured Services" box -- if not, select it from Available Services at the bottom of the page
  6. When you hover over Adobe Analytics (in Configured Services), you'll see several options -- click "Config"
  7. From here, all of your Adobe Analytics profiles are available to be added to the API Integration
  8. Click "Apply" at the bottom of the screen

Note, it took about 10 minutes after making the changes for the API call to go through successfully.

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