Revenue cannot been identified into different marketing channels, but visits can



The revenue of a e-commerce site is only identified as Direct load channel sales, the site visits can be identified into different channel, such as paid search, referring domain, etc. I cannot display the real number of the report, but the report just look like below:


The issue happened for almost 2 months.

Checking the Create Marketing Channel processing rules , the rules looks fine.

So could anyone suggest any other thing will cause this issue and the way to fix it?

Thanks a lot.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Could you ask the team to check the Override setting as shown below? - it should be unchecked.


And check that the Direct channel is at the end of the processing queue (an example below). If the Direct channel is on the top if may get credit instead of acquisition channels you are using.


If you could provide a complete screenshot of your processing rules, that would be ideal (you can send it as a direct message).