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We recently ran a campaign directing traffic to the homepage of our site. The script was configured to track campaigns in the following format

Unfortunately, when the campaign was run it directed traffic to so the source is not showing up in campaign reports. 

Short of turning back time, is there any other way we can determine the number of visits so that we can compare referrer1 and referrer2?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Katherine,

Are you tracking the page URL is a prop or an evar? If so, there might be a chance using Classifications.

Let me know if you were capturing the page URL.

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Answers (1)


Community Manager


HI Katherine,

Welcome to the Analytics Community!

The best way i can think of is to setup a Processing Rule for the typo error. Here is an example:

You can populate a variable using a query string parameter.

In most cases you use a plugin to populate variables from the query string. If a typo or similar issue prevents the value from being populated, you can populate the variable using processing rules.

You should always check to see if a value is empty or contains the expected value before you overwrite it.

Rule SetValue
ConditionCampaign is Not Set
ActionOverwrite value of Campaign to Query String Parameter cpid

For example: