Retrieve standard segment IDs via API

johannesw114391 03-04-2019

Hello everybody,

I want to retrieve segmented data via the Adobe Analytics API. I have a script providing me with the segment IDs I need for structuring my API calls, however, they only provide me the IDs of the custom segments I created or somebody else created and shared with me:



segments <- GetSegments("[REOPORTSUITE]")


I still need the standard segments like "Return Visits", "First Time Visits" etc, though. Unfortunately, until now I was not able to find information the API call I need in order to obtain those segments' IDs.

Can anyone tell me how to get these IDs?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Jonis,

API's does not return the OOB segments, however you can create a copy of the standard segment from the UI and than you should be able to retrieve those from API's.

I think this is a useful resource too GET Shared Segments from Analytics API 2.0