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I've created several dashboard and want to share them, but restrict sharing it with only certain users or groups. Is there any way to do that with existing users? I see that when setting up a new user, I have the option of giving them access to specific dashboards, but how can I do that with existing users?


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Can only ADMINS share dashboards?  I can click the Shared box but the PUSH TO USERS icon does not show after doing that.

I'm wondering if this Sharing is only limited to Admins.  If not, then how can I get my PUSH TO USERS icon to show after clicking the Shared box?

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Hi Tanmay,

Thanks so much for your reply. I tried that, however it still shows any dashboard I've shared to ALL of the user accounts, not just the ones I targeted on the Push Dashboard page.


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Hi Marla,

Welcome to the Analytics Community!

You can share dashboards with specific users by the 'Push to users' function. 

- In the Dashboard Manager, locate the dashboard, then enable Shared.
- Click Push To Users.  
- On the Push Dashboard page, select the target users or click Check All.
- Click Save.

I hope that helps.