Restoring User Account and Exporting All User Details




  1. We want to restore one user account which has been deleted recently. Is it possible to do it from Adobe client care side?? please let us know for any other way to do the same.
  2. We want to export all the user details including their dashboard, report suite and other access if they have any from the adobe analytics. Please let us know from where I can opt this option.

your assistance would help me to solve my issue. Thanks for your time!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




I'm afraid once a user is deleted, it's permanent. That's exactly why there are warning messages before deleting a user, as well as giving the admin an opportunity to transfer their scheduled reports and dashboards to another user. If the admin ignores both those messages and deletes the user anyway, I'm afraid they're gone for good and would need to be manually recreated.

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