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Reporting imported transaction data


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Hello all,

I have transactions and then I have data about those transactions handled by the system with 2 days delay.

I import those handled transactions back to Adobe with csv-FTP import.

They can have 2 statuses 'done' or 'cancelled' and I would like to list/ calculate the transaction values based on the status.

I can get them side by side in the reports but I cannot create a report that would only have the other.

If I create a segment based on cancelled status I have to use Visitor scope in order to include the original transaction information. This then causes that the final report has lines with status 'done' because visitor can have both types of transactions. Other scopes are not possible since these pieces of information are 2 days apart.

Only way I can think of is to add the original transaction information to the import file but this means I would be feeding a lot of information twice which does not seem right also it would mean sending the transaction value twice which would then easily lead reporting double sales.

Any ideas?

Can I somehow create a list of transaction IDs from imported data and then compare/filter the collected web data with that list?


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