Reporting for a Hybrid App

Timf7292 26-11-2018

Hi all,

I'm currently helping with the analytics design for a hybrid app.

Current State has a web portal with an analytics implementation already in place.

The app is a hybrid with some of its pages being wrapped content from the web space.

My current understanding is that because the wrapped pages already have analytics on them, I can leave that out of my design as it will still continue tracking (note:I'm already aware of how to pass visitor info to make sure we're not double counting visitors etc)

My question: 1) Is reporting for an app done in analytics like a normal web implementation?

                        2) If not - will reporting be in mobile services and will I be able to view info on native and wrapped pages all in the one space?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

suneeshkachroo 27-11-2018


The variables behavior does not change in adobe analytics its just the implementation which changes with app or web.

SO the reporting for the app can be done on both Mobile services or Adobe analytics, however, the mobile services reporting are more mobile app-centric only. .



Answers (2)

Answers (2)


Yes, you are correct. You'll want to make sure your report suite is set to timestamp-optional though, so hits from both timestamped and non-timestamped sources can be collected there. As long as you already have visitor ID deduplication figured out, you should be good to go.

Timf7292 27-11-2018

Hi Saneesh,

Thanks for much for the clarification!

If I already have an implementation done and wanted to extend this to the app, I assume I can just extend the current implementation? Meaning:
1) Any evars/props I design for the app should be continued on from the web  (i.e. if I'm using evar/prop 1-30 for the web, I should use 31 onward for app specific?)

2) The native components of the app still need to be done with the SDK but just pointed to the same report suite as the web. (To clarify, the app is essentially the same portal as the web version but just has some native components)

Thanks again!