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I am looking to breakdown a report by the day and time, Hour and minute, of visits.  I will be using this timestamp in a report with metrics like PC ID, product name, and device type. Is it possible to pull the exact time of a visit using data warehouse or any other tool?   We are tracking date and time on the site but I am unsure how to access this information in reporting. 

Thank you in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Jasmine,

You can use Data Warehouse to export dimensions and metrics with hour granularity by minimum.

If you need exact Time Stamp, you need to use Data Feed but note that it is pre-processed data and you need to calculate the metrics by yourself . Link : Calculating Metrics

If you are thinking about implementation, try to capture the time in Traffic & conversion variable so that you can see it from Workspace.

Hope this helps.

Thank You!


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