Report/Workspace Entry page discrepancy

nsaman 28-02-2018

I am seeing a discrepancy between the "Entry Page URL (c1)" Report and Workspace metrics (see below images. 10x discrepancy).

Which data source is going to be accurate for the below use case?

I want to know which url is being used as an entry point for my customers. I want to see the count by page url that is the first page of a session during a specified time range.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

nikitaf2673776 28-02-2018

In the Report you have Visits as the metric. In the Workspace table you have Occurrences. Try changing one of the metrics to match the other.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

nikitaf2673776 01-03-2018

Occurrences counts the times the value (in this case c1) was set and persisted. It's basically page views + events on that page.

Visits are basically sessions. Google Analytics uses page views, sessions and users; whereas Adobe Analytics uses page views, visits and unique visitors. These are roughly equivalent.

To get to what you're after, I'd look at Visits by Entry Page URL (c1). This looks at the first Page URL (c1) recorded in a visit.




nsaman 28-02-2018

Looks like you're right!

I do not understand though what those metrics mean. I would perceive occurrences to be the count of the event (Entry page event). Views I'm not sure what that would mean in this context or why it would be less than occurrences.

Do you know which would satisfy the use case: count by page url that is the first page of a session during a specified time range?