Report with multiple columns with values

John_Dheer 23-08-2016


I would like to capture the values entered in various fields in a form in one report with multiple columns. So that I can see what users filled in a form as a full report. How to achieve this in adobe implementation and how to create such report? Or suggest best method to see such data in reports.

Because, in general, we run reports with one eVar with event and breakdown with other eVar. But I want to see a complete report with values, how can I do that?

Appreciate your help !!



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Community Manager

Hi John, 

The kind of reporting you are suggesting would require custom implementation in my knowledge, as capturing data from a form depends on the way your form is processed. I would recommend you to reach out to your Account Manager, They can arrange a meeting with one of our Implementation Consultants to provide the help you need.



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