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I am trying to give a user access to a specific report suite in Adobe Analytics. It is so complicated now! Could I get step by step on how to do this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Sharon,

If you have migrated your company to Experience Cloud,

1. Navigate to 'Administration'.

2. Click on Adobe Analytics Product.

3. Create 'New Profile'.

4. Click on the profile, under 'Permissions' tab click on the 'Report Suite' to select the Report suite you wanna give access.

5. Add the user to the Product Profile.

6. Remove the user from other product profiles, if have.

If you are still in legacy Adobe Analytics Interface,

1. Navigate to Admin Tools Home.

2. Under 'user management', create a new user group.

3. Drag Report suite you wanna give access in to Report Suite Box.

4. Add the user to the User Group.

5. Remove the user from other User Groups, if have.

Thank You


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Hey Sharon,

PratheepArunRaj is correct.

Here is some official documentation on the process as well for the new process on the experience cloud.

Check out the "Assign Analytics access permissions to a product profile"

Manage Experience Cloud users and products


Steven Hofheins | Analytics Support Consultant