Report not ready after 2 hours




we using version 1.4, we trying to get the report by this steps:

1) build report:

"reportDescription": {
"reportSuiteID": {{suite id}},
"dateFrom": {{date}},
"dateTo": {{date}},
"dateGranularity": "day",
"segments": [
"id": {{id}}
"metrics": [
{{we have 21 metrics}}
"elements": [
{{we have 3 elements}}

2) get the report id by this request(method):


3) get the report by trying to get the status we waiting 2 hours:

after 2 hours we still get report not ready.


why are we facing this behaver suddenly?  



Raneen Bsais

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Hi @RaneenBsais ,

What is the date range of the report? API is a shared resource, so if the report is too complex or it involves a larger date range, it's expected to see a delay in such reports. Additionally, if the queue is backed up by other complex reports, this delay is again expected.

If you continue to see the delay, please reach out to Client Care with the exact API request and they would look into the API queue/status, etc.

Thank you.