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This topic was brought up by two different threads but neither actually answered the question.

Our company operates on a Monday through Sunday schedule and we have our Adobe calendar set as such.  However, for various reasons, we have a few site features that are modified on a Sunday through Saturday schedule.  I've already checked and changing this to a Mon-Sun schedule is not going to happen.

I'm trying to set up a report builder dashboard for these Sun-Sat features, but can only get accurate data one week at a time.  I've tried the suggestions in the previous posts, but they do not work.  Changing our overall calendar settings is not an option.  I considered pulling daily data, but Report Builder only allows 371 rows of data, therefore I'd have to create each report twice (one for this year and one for last) then use excel to group into weeks.  Since one of the pages in question can change depending on visitor behavior, I have various permutations to look at (new visit, return visit, for example), plus device type breakdowns.  I'd end up having to create hundreds of reports to just get weekly data with a different day-of-week set up.

There has to be a better easier way.

Does anyone know how to do this?  Or will I be reduced to pulling one week of data and copying and pasting?  Then having to update manually every single week?  It's a level of inefficiency I'd rather not have to justify to my department, especially after saying 'Sure, Adobe Analytics lets us create and schedule reports so it's fully automated.'

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Ctromey,

If it's rolling dates, you can calculate the date in Excel for each week (Mon-Sun). Then create the aggregated queries for first set of date range then duplicate the queries for each week.

This process will help you to automate the report with your requirement (Mon-Sun).



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