Report Builder search selection looks weird

mridulgupta 03-05-2017

Hi All,

Report Builder search option looks weird on my system. It is not showing "End Ranking" option in search. Also, there is overlay issue in "starting ranking" options.  I have updated report builder plugin and reinstalled so many times.

Not able to identify the root cause of it. Please help.

Please refer to attached image.

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Answers (4)

mridulgupta 05-05-2017

Currently i am using 32 bit office package and I have reinstalled the 32 bit Report builder package again as 64 bit is not supporting in my system.

But the issue is still there.

I will check and open a ticket with customer care. 



Can you upgrade to 5.4.33 and check what happens (assuming you do not have this one)

Also, it would help if we can check what is happening on your end to diagnose the issue. I would recommend asking a supported user from your organization to open a ticket with Customer Care and have a screenshare session. (if the above re-install doesn't work)


mridulgupta 03-05-2017

Thanks Hyder,

I am using Report Builder 5.4, and also checked display setting but it still showing the same issue. (Attached Screenshot)

I am encountering this issue since installation of report builder.

Also, I reached out to ITS team even they were not to fix it as this is Excel Addin.

- Mridul


Hi Mridul,

I am getting the correct box. Has this just started, or was it always an issue? Also do let me know what version are you on, and if you have your desktop display set to more than 100% (Display Settings > Change the size of text, apps, and other items)