Report Builder - Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action

blakelt88 15-06-2018


I'm trying to pull data with Report Builder. I'm able to login successfully and state which Report Suite I'd like to use and also what data from it I'd like, but once I tell it to execute the data pull it hangs and eventually the message, "Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action" appears and if I hit OK it just repeats this over and over after hitting OK. I have to force quit Excel to get it to stop. I need this to work and it's critical I get it working ASAP.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

pabloc82923542 07-08-2018

I would also ensure you dont have multiple excel files open at once. Remove unnecessary blank tabs, or unused data blocks.

Also have you tried to see if saving into a newer excel version of excel helps(in case file is corrupted)?

Failing that try and open it on a completely different PC to see if you can remove PC itself as a problem component.

Are you admin on this PC? Could it be a quirky admin permission issue?

Answers (15)

Answers (15)

blakelt88 07-08-2018

For me, this was the correct answer. It looks like this is a firewall issue as this is my work computer. I was able join a different network and successfully make the request.


Couple questions for you:

  • Does it hang when starting with a fresh workbook? As in load a brand new excel file, log in to Report Builder, and pull a pages report for yesterday's data?
  • Do you have 64-bit or 32-bit Excel installed? If you have 32-bit Excel installed, do you have access to upgrade to 64-bit? 32-bit Excel has a cap to how much RAM it can use (I think ~3GB), which might be the bottleneck to your available 20GB of RAM.
blakelt88 27-06-2018

Alright so I now have 20 gigs of RAM on this laptop and I'm still getting this error so I think it's safe to say that this isn't a memory issue...


pabloc82923542 19-06-2018

By granularity I meant was it broken down by month, week or day was all. In your case its granularity of day I would guess.

If its ram then I also would look at the System pagefile. I bet its really low in teh 5 to 50 meg range. (In system setting find memory and look for virtual memory) As long as you have decent harddisk space bump it up to 5 or 10 gigs. That should help right away. Still ram is best but this should solve immediate needs.


blakelt88 19-06-2018

I've already requested additional RAM in order solve this issue and we'll see once I have that installed whether it helps.

I'm try to run top 10, 7 days back and I'm not sure what you mean be granularity.

pabloc82923542 19-06-2018

I have run many large report builder exel files and they work well. Granted I had issues prior but it was related to poorer capacity of PC running things.

Excel recovery works for elements built natively in excel, the "Add In" is a separate technology plugin so reliance on one vendor supporting anothers crash behavior will always be touch and go.

I agree it can be frustrating but bear in mind you can adjust the reporting rows as you desire. If you are trying to process 10s of thousands of rows for one line item (also then have multiple line items ) then I think you should revisit the tool you are using here. I don't know the file stats in your case, but perhaps data warehouse is more appropriate for you if that is indeed the case.

How many items by how many rows are you trying to run? What is time frame and granularity?

Mia_C 19-06-2018

This is one of the most frustrating bugs of Report Builder because when you kill Excel it doesn't come back as a recovered workbook.  It's such a huge time waster.  The fact that so many people have this problem should indicate to Adobe that it needs to be corrected rather than having the end-user update in smaller updates or in smaller files.  Report Builder has set limits to the number of rows it will return at one time and the number of requests that can be built in a single workbook. If Report Builder isn't capable of managing that many they should reconsider the limits.

pabloc82923542 19-06-2018

I have seen where if select many many rows at once and try to update them simutaniously it hangs excel. Try doing one line item at a time. Slower but at least will fix random hangs. ( likely caused by large file and poor PC memory availability). Quit any unnecessary apps as well outside of excel.


blakelt88 18-06-2018

Hi Pratheep,

I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. How do I reduce the size of Excel to a minimum and how to do run Report Builder on a Small Size Excel?


Dear Blakett,

Reduce the size of the Excel to the minimum. Do not run Report Builder on the Huge Size Excel.

Update your Report Builder for latest version and try to run. It should work.

Thank You