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there have been almost daily report builder outages for us recently. Clientcare seems to be unwilling to add more capacity which would mean ongoing issues that take up lots of our resources.

Are there any other Adobe customers that experience the same issue? Hopefully, together we can convince them to provide more uptime!

This is the unhelpful response that I got:

"This issue occurred due to the stacking of  API request queue. This happens when there are multiple API or report builder requests form different customer on same data center for the same time slot and when there are too many API or report builder requests scheduled.

This entirely depends on the user behavior and the number of incoming requests cannot be controlled by Adobe. At our end, we can only clear up the API queue at the back-end in the the queue gets stuck to allow the files to process.

The best practice to avoid this issue is by not scheduling too many requests at the same time and have a difference or gap of 15-30 minutes between multiple requests."




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Accepted Solutions (1)


Community Manager


Hi Stefanie,

The ClientCare team would soon revert back to you over the issue. Also, the issues you are facing may be due to the maintenance releases and the outages that have occurred in the last few days. I would request you to also observe the current status of the issue and see if there is any improvement.