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I have a simple Report Builder query file that runs a generic Traffic Source report by week for each of the three site I report on. I'm using the most recent version of Report Builder in Excel 2013. Last week, everything ran fine. Go to refresh my queries this morning and as soon as I try to select any of the queries (or select all) in the window, the "Please Exit the Excel Cell with focus before using this feature." error message pops up repeatedly. I don't do any cell manipulation on this file to begin with (literally just open, refresh, save, exit once a week) so I'm not sure why this error is popping up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



so, there seems to be a workaround. Close your existing sheet, and open a new one. Go to Add-ins and connect t report builder from there. Once connected, no need to create a new request. Just close this one, and open your existing xls with report builder connection. This should now work!

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Answers (5)



That's the problem though. I'm not in edit mode. I've also since found out that this is happening to everyone in my department which would point to a Report Builder problem rather than a user one. That makes me more curious as to whether it's happening to people outside of my company as well.



I am also experiencing this issue. I made sure that I wan't editing any cell and even tried closing the file and reopening it but it's still giving me this error


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Hi Eric, 

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If you are in edit mode in an Excel cell and click one of the report builder icons, this error message appears. Edit mode in an Excel cell means that the cell is selected and the cursor appears inside the cell. You are also in edit mode in an Excel cell when you type directly into the Formula bar or into the Name Box at the top of Excel.

You should exit the edit mode from the cell and then run your query. Select a fresh cell and try. It should work.