Regular Expression vs Delimiter Rule



Using the classification rule builder, an analyst needs to create a classification report for marketing tracking codes by the campaign name value codes. Below is an example of several tracking codes, where the item between the underscores represents the campaign name:

1. paid-search_non-branded-phrases_jeans

2. social-media_brand-awareness_twitter

3. display-advertising_brand-awareness_media-site

4. affiliates_shipping-discounts_affiliate-network

What kind of classification rule should the analyst create?

A. A Regular Expression rule that matches the pattern of the 2 underscores, pulling out the value between them

B. A Delimiter rule that breaks the tracking code apart at the underscore, placing the second item in the classification

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Dinesh,

As per adobe best practice , regular expressions are best suited for tracking codes that use delimiters.


In your example question, I am not quite sure about which Delimiter rule you are referring here but in classification rule builder you can create below Rules

Ex. paid-search_non-branded-phrases_jeans


$1 can be classified as source

$2 will be tracking code

$3 will be product or whatever you want to refer.

Hope this helps