Regexp in Classification importer?




I would like to classify the values in the s.product variable using the classification importer.

the s.product values are now like this: eeekkasd6ach34-762229

I want to assign the "Friendly product name" to them.

The "762229" part serves as an identifier.

To make sure all the cases are covered, I am trying to use regexp to identify the KEY for individual products.

My import file looks like this:

Key            Friendly product name
.*762229     Our Great product

But, this is not working. "Friendly product name" is not populated.

So the question - is it possible to use regexp to identify the Keys in the Classification importer?
If so, any suggestions on what are we doing wrong?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Anton,

RegEx is not supported within a classification import file. RegEx is supported within the Rule Builder UI tool within Adobe Analytics. I would recommend creating a sub-classification for your identifier (762229) to break it out as a new sub-classification key dimension apart from the whole products string value (eeekkasd6ach34-762229). A walkthrough of the required steps via the Adobe Help site is linked below:



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