Regex in Classification Rule Builder

panangipallik36 11-03-2020

Hi All,


I have an eVar that is currently capturing the below as a single string and I want to use a classification rule builder to split the strings between the pipe delimiter. I can have have few or many such strings with few or many pipe delimiters. Is it possible? Any help is much appreciated.


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classification rule builder regular expression

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Dear Panangipallik36,

Possible. We do have an eVar which will capture PageName|FieldName|ErrorName|CalculatorName but it can be PageName|FieldName or PageName|FieldName|ErrorName or PageName|FieldName|ErrorName|CalculatorName. So we have classified it based on its hierarchy: Below the screen grab and its results. Use it!

Rule & Order:




Thank You, Arun.