Referrers report with 0% bounce rate & high time spent



Hi people,

I have a question and it's kind of confusing me here. While looking at referrers or marketing channels report, I'm able to see visits, pageviews & avg.time spent (which is high in some cases) & 0% Bounce rate%

​Even if we are calculating it, using entries, Bounces are 0 (BR%= bounces/entries). Can it be the case that users are simply navigating & clicking to other pages (generating one image request), hence more Avg.time spent & 0% BR%?

​This is what the data looks like:

​                              Pageview/visit           BR%             Avg.time spent

​LinkedIn organic:    17                              0%                  9.57

​other referrers         14                              0%                  36

​Would appreciate if you can share some insights on it.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




This would happen if you're sending multiple image requests on each page, either using multiple page views or a page view and a custom link call. If you have a URL you can share, I'd be happy to validate that.

If you're not willing to update your implementation, you could use the alternative calculation of [single access] / [entries]. Single access counts towards anyone who has a single pagename value in a visit, which means that it counts people who trigger multiple image requests to the same page, but doesn't count towards people who navigate to a second page.

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