Referrer showing Typed/Bookmarked traffic when the segment specifically disallows it.



In workspace, I have a freeform table showing the referrers for all visits in a given time period. The report is segmented using a segment with the rule, "Does Not Equal Typed/Bookmarked". In spite of this segment, it's showing Typed/Bookmarked traffic.


The only way I can think of for this to be possible is if a single visit has multiple referrers, but I would think that would be an edge case -- certainly not the most popular referrer (by a huge margin).


A screenshot shows the current month, but this is true for every month I check.




EDIT: We use iframes for some of our modals, and I'm seeing a significant correlation between people hitting these modals and this anomalous Typed/Bookmarked traffic. These modals are being tracked as separate pageviews.

This seems like it could be a likely cause; however, the tag inside the iframe is reporting a referrer (my root domain). Is it possible I'm missing something on these iframes?

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