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Hi there,

I think that this must be one of those things that is possible but I have given it a good couple of hours with no luck.

I am trying to create a Freeform table in workspace that essentially shows the following for number of visitors:

                                                       Has not purchased in last 30 days          Has not purchased in last 60 days

Purchased Once last year               500 visitors                                             300 visitors

Puchased Twice last year               400 visitors                                             400 visitors

I fully understand the time based segments and I am clearly getting stuck with the nested segments somewhere.

If anybody can shed any light that would be great.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi davidj85759080

Don't know if the question is already solved in the meantime, but there was a "challenge" on measure slack to answer this question

I just tried to create a table as desired - or something similar. Since it was easier for me to create, I changed the Columns/Rows compared to what you described. So first how my result looks like:


As you can see I created the following items

  • Header (Columns) - show last 12 full month
    Using the timetrame for last 12 full month would include all traffic for this timerange.
    To see Visitors who made 1 or 2 orders, I just created two simple segments (see small screenshot from segment preview)
  • Rows - Show behavior for last few monthsYou need a trick here to get the desired result: you need to select all Visitors who had any traffic in the last 12 month and then exclude those visitors who had orders in the last 1 or 2 month. If you do not add the "last 12 month", it will only show visitors from the last 1 or 2 month who visited the website without order, skip data from visitors before! (let me know if you need to more information about that...)

To make it more ease to recreate, I show you the full segment I created for one of the rows. The following screenshot show the segment "Visitors no Order last 1 Month":


I hope you can use this answer to create your own table. let me know if you need more explanation.

Regards Urs

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