"No anomalies found" where anomaly detection disabled



Why do I see "Searching for anomalies" and "No anomalies found" texts, although I disabled anomaly detection both in the chart settings and also in all metrics of the basis table?


Answers (5)

Answers (5)




It's been 8 months since OP noted this bug, and it still hasn't been fixed. Is the development backlog causing the delay, or is it because not enough users have reported the issue?




Our current workflow for reporting bugs is via Customer Care, as that is the channel that allows us to get individual company/user details. It also provides you with a channel to get updates on the status of the bug.

I'd be happy to report the bug on your behalf, but before doing so I'd need to know exactly how the report was created so I can see the 'no anomalies' despite it being turned off. That would be the exact same information as what Customer Care would need though, so going through an already-established process would provide better results in the long run.