"length of visit" basis for segment



I want a segment consisting of visits that are ten pageviews or longer.

I have created two different versions of the segment and their results wildly disagree.  Can anybody explain why?

Method 1:  Visit segment where Visit Depth is > 10

Method 2:  Visit segment where Hit Depth is > 10

Method 2 has about twice as many visits and visitors, 15% more page views, and about a 25% shorter visit time than Method 1.

I am pretty sure Method 1 is the right one to use, but then what is Method 2 actually including?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




There are 2 kinds of calls that hit the Adobe server - 1 that increments the pageView and 1 that does not increment the pageView  [ Example -  Video start, video views ] 

In method 1 , When you are looking at Visit depth it includes only those Visits where where hits that increment the pageViews  > 10 to qualify 

In method 2 , when you are looking at hit depth it  includes all kind of calls > 10 and hence the increase in numbers of different metrics. 

Hope this helps. 


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