Question regarding props and evars for site sections?



I was doing some spring cleaning in Adobe Analytics and noticed that we have a lot of dimensions that we are not using or have not used in a long time and also some seem to be redundant. I would like to remove some from the dimension list but wanted to get the opinion of the community before doing so.

Do I really need both the evar and prop for site section 2, 3, and 4? I thought eVars can do the same thing as props except pathing but then when I use workspace most of the time I noticed that I can use evars in the flow visualization which is pathing. So what do you all think. should I get rid of the props or will I find that I need tem for something other than the below?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




I will provide my 2 cents to see if we can stimulate a discussion.

You are correct  - For pathing its no longer necessary to use a prop in workspace.

I see Adobe customers using props far less these days and no longer map props to eVars unless there is a specific need.

Given that you have a finite number of eVars and probably an excess of props it can be useful to set other values into your props on each hit to help with debugging (for example version of app measurement library, user agent)

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