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I wanted to know the recommended way so as to have run reports on user attributes as dimensions for various metrics defined in the system. Following are the current configurations: 

1. DTM is setup. We are not using marketing cloud ID solution. App Measurement version 1.6 is being used via DTM.

2. Application specific user ID is being set in an eVar.

Please tell the steps/ method to push associated user attributes into Omniture for reporting that does not involve marketing cloud ID implementation.

Thanks much!!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,I would suggest you look at migrating to the Marketing Cloud ID service as this is the recommended approach for all customers (replacing the legacy solution specific cookies). Is there a  particular barrier for you migrating ?

Once migrated you can leverage customer attributes.


You did say you did not want to use the MCID so The only other alternatives I can think of is to classify the eVar which holds the identifier (however this has obvious limitations)  or to pass the attributes into another eVar.

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Thanks for the reply Jed.

Regarding migrating to Marketing Cloud ID, we are currently using point product (SiteCatalyst) access & wanted to avoid the additional effort involved in implementation & testing. We are also not using any other digital marketing tool (ex. Test & Target) on the site.

Any additional thoughts/ recommendations from your end?