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I'm having a hard time making custom link tracking work. I have no idea if the values of my s.trackingServer are correct or not. Here's my code:

var s_account="my-account" var s=s_gi(s_account) s.trackDownloadLinks=true s.trackExternalLinks=true s.trackInlineStats=true s.linkDownloadFileTypes="exe,zip,wav,mp3,mov,mpg,avi,wmv,pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx" s.linkInternalFilters="javascript:" //optional: add your internal domain here s.linkLeaveQueryString=false s.linkTrackVars="None" s.linkTrackEvents="None" s.trackingServer="" ...

Also, is the section above the tracking server values necessary?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Rainen , 

You do not need the config variables mentioned in the custom link tracking -   use the following code snippet as reference 

<a href=“your  link ” onClick=“ var s=s_gi(‘your RSID’); s.linkTrackVars=‘eVar1,events’;  // only if you plan to fire event or populate eVar s.linkTrackEvents=‘event3’;‘event3’; s.eVar1=‘value for the eVar’;,‘o’,‘the value will populate as line item');  //  o - Custom link report  , e - Exit Link report,  d - Download link report ”><img src=“"/></a>

In order to debug Custom Link Tracking you can use httpfox or use preserve log option in chrome to see if the request is firing  or you can use any other packet analyser 

hope this helps, 


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Answers (1)


Community Manager


Hi Rainen,

Welcome to the Analytics Community!

The tracking server value should be based on your Analytics Data Center. Also, you have added a non-RDC domain in your code, though its not wrong but using RDC domains is preferable. 

Please go through this document and determine your correct tracking server value -

The section above depends on your requirements. You can set them true or false depending on your need. Check this doc to know what they do -

Feel free to ask further questions.