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Hello Adobe Community !

I have a question on something I still don't really get.

I have this prop report, on a given prop value I was testing, ltet's sayt prop17 = "ABC".

On my web page, this value comes with a generic clic event, event10, which is trigered via an Adobe Click Event.

My issue is that if I put the metric event 10 on my prop17="ABC" report, I get 6 events, even though I though I would get just one. Is it that the other 5 events where trigered on the same visit ? I just get 1 visit for that report, which is correct because I was the only one testing this.

Cheers to the Adobe Community!


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Can you check if implementation is fine with respect to value shown in debugger for your click event event10, how it's being set? Setting events: event10=6 will raise count of event10 by 6.

Did you clicked more links in the visit which could have triggered both prop17 = "ABC" and event10 in analytics tracking request?

You can give it a re-try, check on above two points & the reports.


Saurabh Kumar.

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