Products purchased with entry page step 3 of sales funnel



We use single page application set up for our sales funnel, but every page is individually tagged, so does have unique page names. However, some products are purchased with an entry page recorded as step 3 or 4 of the funnel. You would not be able to do this as you have to fill in details on the previous steps in order to purchase. Has anyone else encountered this issue? The only thing I can think of is session-based cookies timing out because someone is taking longer than usual to complete the process, but hoping for a better answer!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance! 🙂

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2 things here.


Is it possible a user saves/bookmarks/sits on the page(midway in funnel) then returns or continues after 30 mins ?

If your SPA doesnt kick them out then maybe you are seeing session limitation here.


Also does you SPA app kill the referrer if a page is manually refreshed or a user click back and forth in browser?


How are you getting Pagename in SPA? routing rule or?