Prevent cookies from updating (ITP 2.1.)

JenteDR 04-07-2019


We're putting in place a cookie re-write service for all our marketing tools to change the cookie setting from client-side to server-side. Server side cookies are not impacted by ITP and other tracking prevention mechanisms browsers are implementing.

Simo Ahava has written a clear step-by-step guide on how to set this up for Google Analytics. But it depends on a function in the analytics.js script to prevent the analytics calls from refreshing the cookie (and thus prolonging it's expire date): cookie_update = false.

So, I was wondering if a similair function exisits for Adobe Analytics (s_vi and s_ecid cookies)? I was not able to find a reference to something similair in the Adobe documentation.

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Web_Analytics_N 08-07-2019

In Adobe you have the option to set your tracking and marketing cloud servers in a first party cookie context, which means ITP 2.x is not an issue. This can be done by following this guide: Adobe Managed Certificate Program
Hope the above helps.