PII in Adobe Analytics

panangipallik36 23-10-2017


What if I want to capture PII in any one of the variables? What is the process?

If we are not supposed to do so, how should we take an approval for the same and whom should  we contact?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi panangipallik36170833​,

While Adobe strongly recommends that you do not pass any PII information with Analytics hits, there is no filter which will remove the PII data while processing.

In case of any doubt, please contact your company's Legal team to check if it is okay to capture and pass the specific data to Adobe servers.

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Answers (1)


Agreed with Kaushalendra​ here - Adobe does not recommend collecting PII, and your customers/users are going to be the biggest concern when it comes to any privacy violations.

Make it crystal clear in your privacy policy that you are collecting personally identifiable information, and state exactly what you're collecting.