Persistence of an eVar with asynchronous processes

albertof4144015 04-12-2018

Hello there.

I'm quite new to adobe analytics and this is my first question I posted here, so please don't be to harsh with me.

I'm currently trying to measure a tricky process, that occurs after the page load and up on the interaction with the user, so far so good, this process comes in the form of a widget that also receives the response from the server within itself. The problem being is that this asynchronous process has to use the same variables that are used on page load since we have no variable available left. I tried to separate the tracking of this asynchronous process variables through a different rule (direct call rule), but that didn't help overcome the situation where by variables used by the page load were stepped on by the variables used by the widget.

I hope I did myself clear, if please let me know.

I thought perhaps changing the persistence of the evars to hit but then again, I only need this for very specific situation that does not occur all the time.

Based on your experience how would you go about having the same variables used without the risk of stepping on the previous values?

Thank you ever so much

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pabloc82923542 04-12-2018

Typically a evar variable is overwritten as soon as a new instance is presented. You try look at data elements. They may allow you to maintain and mange the flow and persistence.

Have a read here and see if it helps.

Data Elements