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Hi team,

I have implemented performanceTiming in But the issue is it is affecting custom tracking. The event given for the custom tracking is not firing instead the the events set for the performance timeing is firing. How to stop this.


1. Open this URL 

2.Click on the download. It fires event110 which is set for performancetitming. The actual event set for this custom tracking is event3

3. Though this domain has been added as internalfilter but still the site considers this link as exit link and fires exist link tracking.

Please help



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Just putting my thoughts for your "Download" on-click Adobe Analytics tracking: 

So, two tracking requests fire

1. Download Link (not an "exit" link request): This appears to be case of automatic download link tracking - You'll need to check the "s_code" JS file & DTM Adobe Analytics tool settings for "Link Tracking" section to identify its origin & remove this tracking request.

2. Custom Link: For this you have created rule "Link Tracking - PDF links - 1216" but most likely you have not set "event3". Only linkName & eVar3 appears to be set within the rule. Please add event3 to events within the DTM rule.


Hope this helps.



Saurabh Kumar.

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