Performance timing plugin issue - wrong request/response numbers



Hi everyone,

I am using performanceTiming plugin for site speed tracking ( and the metrics seem to be pretty trustworthy, except the request time and response time ones. For example, average time for response according to the calculated metric I created is bigger than total page load time which is obviously not correct.

The really weird thing is: in requests to AppMeasurement the numbers are correct (see screenshot). Event514 is request timing, event515 is response timing, event522 - total page load time.

So, just to sum up:

- All the metrics are calculated in the same way, like *metric_name* / counter variable

- The numbers in AppMeasurement requests (in events variable) are correct

- All metrics are correct, BUT not the request/response ones.

Where am I mistaking?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The problem is possibly because the value of "600" is being captured; this is how "invalid" values are represented.

Please see the notes at the bottom of this page:

Adobe Analytics: performanceTiming plugin · alcazes/Adobe-Analytics-from-A-To-Z Wiki · GitHub

You may need to exclude values equal to 600 in your calculated metrics (remembering to exclude the associated counter instances as well).

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