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HI all,

We have an eVar to capture ‘Target Activity Name’ in Adobe Analytics. The activity has three events: Impressions, Clicks, and Order.

For Funnel, I have to go to the eVar and take all the events(Impressions, Clicks, and Order) to get the numbers. But we have a gap here!

Assume, if a customer sees the impression but didn’t click. The visitor later went to purchase the order within the same visit so the impression will be 1, Click will be 0 and Order will 1 because ‘Target Activity Name’ is an eVar and the order will assign to the eVar.

I cannot go for Fallout because it will have only visit or visitor container and not the exact Impression to Order Flow.

So for a perfect funnel, I should see Impressions >> Clicks (From Impressions) >> Orders (From Clicks). Can we get this flow in Adobe Analytics?

Thank You!

asheeshp  any idea on this? I see you are active in this forum.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Vinoth,

If you are setting conversion events on each step?  You can use Custom Event Conversion Funnel in legacy Reports and Analytics or in Adhoc Analysis Conversion Funnel Reports​ to see the percentage of visitors who progressed through a set of events in order to perform the desired action.