PDF file tracking in AppMeasurement

gokula 25-03-2019


We have a requirement of PDF file download tracking and click / link tracking.   Currently we have latest AppMeasurement version 2.12 code is in place.

To track downloads and clicks do I need to used any custom solution ? if yes, how?

I came across this article Automatic Tracking of Exit Links and File Downloads but not sure if I set below variables is that works ? Or Do I need any custom plugin which tracks all activities of PDF files.

  1. s.trackDownloadLinks=true

  2. s.trackExternalLinks=true

  3. s.linkDownloadFileTypes="exe,zip,wav,mp3,mov,mpg,avi,doc,pdf,xls"

Anyone can help ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


@gokula If you using DTM?

Go to Adobe Analytics Tool > Click on Gear icon next to an installed Adobe Analytics tool from the Overview tab > Within Adobe Analytics tool  > Go to Link Tracking > Enable "Track Download Links" > Enable "Track Outbound Links" > Disable "Keep URL Parameters"

Let me know if that works.

Answers (6)

Answers (6)


It also could be a custom variable - if it's a prop or eVar, you'll want to strip the query string yourself.

Were you able to get everything figured out?


Dear Gokula,

Weird. If you didn't set s.linkLeaveQueryString to 'true' it should not capture the query string parameters, however can you set the parameter to 'false' and see the result?

Sounds illogical, but testing can give some sort of understanding rather than assuming.

Thank You!


gokula 26-03-2019

Hello ishans9314858

I can see the pdf tracking count but another thing I noticed in analytics report which add some query string at the end of the link showing multiple records.  For reference attaching below screenshot. If you see below after .pdf extension few parameters getting added.


So just wanted to know how the query string added here in report ?

Do I need to set s.linkLeaveQueryString  here ? Default value is False but still I am able to see OR any other configuration var


gokula 25-03-2019

Thank you for quick response ishans9314858

For manual tracking, do I need to use any external plugin ? Somewhere I read about downloadLinkHandler plugin but I am not able to get in documentation.

If I used configuration variables described above where I can able to see the data report?

If you can provide any example that helps really.


Hi gokula​,

You can use configuration variables like s.trackDownloadLinks and s.linkDownloadFileTypes and that will allow automatic tracking of download links with the extension specified above (in s.linkDownloadFileTypes).

Alternatively, you can have manual tracking through a piece of code using s.tl() function, something like onclick="s.tl(this, "d", myLink)"