Pathnames instead of full urls

bernardbaltazat 19-11-2019

I'd like all my data collection query parameters which contain urls to be shortened only to pathnames (e.g. pev1 to be changed from "" to  "/subpage"). I know I can set s.pageURL to change the "g" parameter, but what about others? Is there any way to overwrite e.g. "pev1" or "oid" parameters?

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DTM - Go to *`Property`* > **[ Edit Tool]** > Link Tracking and disable "Keep URL Parameters"

Option 2:

DTM - Go to link tracking rule > use custom code in place of UI

Add following code in custom code with in rule

var linkName = _satelite.getVar("Link PathName") //scrape href and convert to pathname in data element.,'o', linkName);