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Hi - I've been migrating a dashboard from "traditional" AA into a Workspace, but I'm having trouble with one specific report. I've done a forum search here, checked the AA Youtube channel, and dug through the documentation but I'm still stuck.

This workspace is for tracking a bunch of details about a new modal we deployed, and one of the graphs is to determine where people are arriving at the modal's FAQ from. Effectively, when Prop 4 (Page Type) is MODAL_FAQ, what was the Previous Page's Prop 4 value. When I click the "Try in Workspace" button in my original report, I just get a freeform table listing all of my Prop 4 values but none of the pathing work (effectively, just a raw Prop 4 report).

Is Pathing just not supported in workspace yet? Or am I missing something?

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Hi Reyhan,

You are correct about this. Pathing reports are not currently supported in workspace. So when you click on 'Try in workspace' in a pathing report, you wont get the displayed in workspace. 

Workspace support for pathing is expected to come but I don't have a timeline on it.

I hope this helps.

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it's been a long time since this question was asked, when do you think pathing reports will become available in workspace? We have flow visualizations which help a bit, but next page report is still not available, and they don't show enters/exit info.

Thanks in advance,