Pathing in Internal Search Terms

kamgir 18-07-2018

Hi All,

How to interpret the "site exits" in pathing report of internal search terms report? Does it mean

1. It was the last term searched in the visit

2. When this particular term was searched, users did not click on any of the search results but left the site immediately

3. When users searched for this term, they clicked on any of the link in search results and then exit the site?

Please suggest how do you interpret this only in case of "Internal search terms".



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kamgir 19-07-2018

Thanks for the quick response.

We are capturing this in both Evar and Prop so Pathing should also interpret something

regarding the sequential segment, I created one to see the user activity after unsuccessful search (results appear for search term but user did not click on it so we want to see what users did when they did not click on the search results).

Is the below logic correct to achieve this

Internal search term ="search term"   [ONLY AFTER SEQUENCE]

then within one HIT

successful search event does not exist   [We are firing one event when user clicks on any of the search results which make the search successful. we dont have specific event for unsuccessful search]

So using this segment on pages report should tell me the next pages visited instead of clicking on the search result, using the exit metric shoud tell the exits after this term was searched, using internal search term variable should tell the other terms searched after this specific term was searched.

rajdsingh 18-07-2018

I am sure that you must be capturing "internal search term" in some eVar.  If so, pathing doesn't work with eVars (only with props)
A sequential segment may work out here for you. You can apply a segment where a "internal search term happens (may be some event which triggers along with internal search term) --> Then --> Within a one page view --> Exit happens"

You may apply this segment on your internal search term eVar report to get desired result.