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I understand that data element values can be passed via an evar to persist downstream however can I use the "Remember this value for the session" to have the value passed for the session as well? Is it the same thing? what are the differences? why would I use one over the other?

my scenario is that we are trying to pass a value (prospect or unknown) from our marketing automation system (Pardot) via data layer to adobe analytics via url parameters. We want to pass the same value that was given to the users session from the welcome page to the thank you page and have it recorded as 1 for prospect / unknown (evar counter).

Can I use the Remember this value for the session to hold the last value for the data element and pass it to the thankyou page and if yes then do I still need to use an evar or is it redundant?

see my desired report below:

thank you in advance for any help,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Scott,

I believe I was able to clarify the question over the chat.

For the benefit of the forum, the persistence of an evar can be controlled through the conversion variable manager. For a prop, the values do not persist. When using the DTM data elements, their persistence (locally) can be set using cookies which persist for a browser session.

  • If you want to tie data over several requests/hits, you would use the evar persistence. 
  • If you want to use the same value captured in the data element over another page in the session, you would use the data elements' "Remember this value for the session". The value stored is local to the machine and does not get computed as captured data. 


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