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Hi everyone,

I want to create a Calculated Metric that will help me capture pages that are causing technical errors on our website.

I could just do a previous page report to find the offending pages, but this solution doesn't scale. And it only shows total volume - it doesn't give a relative view. If there are more people coming to the offending page, the report will reflect that. But what I really want to know is the rate at which these pages cause errors.


  • We have an eCommerce website with thousands of custom-built web pages;
  • Because of the size of the company and number of stakeholders, there are constant changes to the websites. No one person knows of all the changes.
  • It is not unusual for technical errors to be thrown up during the funnel.
  • We capture technical errors on as event. 

My first attempt at a solution was to create custom metric to run against pages report (to give me a score for offending pages):

= Technical Error Event (participation) / Page View

My understanding is that by using participation, every page of the visit that contained a technical error will be included. 

But what I really want is: 

= Technical Error Event exists on next page / Page View

If I run a pages report against this metric, I should know what proportion of customers trying to move to the next stage are getting an error (the flow is fairly linear).

I'll try and overlay a segment into this metric, but I'm not 100% confident I will get it right. But the experts here likely will 🙂

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