Pageviews are higher than Visits for Mobile App



Hi All,

We have recently implemented Adobe analytics for mobile apps and data is getting captured fine for one app and for another app we have noticed that Visits are higher than pageviews. Have added just only the basic code in both the apps but not sure why there is discrepancy.

Could you please let me know. Thanks in advance.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Tiru,

All visits contain page views, except under rare circumstances where a visit contains only custom link image requests. This anomaly is unlikely to occur unless the s.t() function is removed from your implementation and custom link tracking is solely implemented : In Mobile, for the cases like Life Cycle Tracking, Actions etc. Other than this edge-case, page views are always higher than visits.

Request you to verify the implementation for Life Cycle Tracking and other custom links in your application to debug.

Thank You!


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